Advanced Structural Geology

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Lecture Notes

Week 1:
August 19 2022
Course introduction
Anatomy of the Alps
Application to Nuclear Waste Repository siting: structural geology at work
Week 2:
August 26 2022
Anatomy of Orogenic Belts
Geology Scavenger hunt: CA and AZ geo
Geologic maps exercise: USGS Geologic Map of North America, California interactive Map, Arizona, Nevada
Anatomy of the North American Cordillera
Week 3:
September 2 2022
Anatomy of the North American Cordillera
SW North American Cordillera since 36 Ma: San Andreas Fault system and Basin and Range
Structural Geology: A Quantitative Introduction: Chapter 1
Introduction to Matlab (very short pdf)
Basics of Matlab: see weeks 6-9
Textbook Matlab resources
Week 4:
September 9 2022
Coordinate systems and displacement/velocity vectors Video narration
Ragan Chapters 1,2,4,3,6,7 for reference
Simple stereonet functions for Matlab Video narration
Orientations of Structural FeaturesVideo narration
Week 5:
September 16 2022
Vectors and Structural Planes I introduction and dot product
Vectors and Structural Planes II cross product
Some vector practice for Matlab
Simple rotations
Rotation Demo for Matlab
Week 6:
September 23 2022
Physical Concepts
Continuity example: fault scarp analysis
Blog post with spreadsheets for numerical solutions for fault scarp models
Force, tractions, and stress
Week 7:
September 30 2022
Andersonian Faulting theory and World Stress map Video narration
Simple Deformation Video narration
Simple Rheology Video narration
Week 8:
October 7 2022
Reading Chapter 5 in the textbook on Elastic Ductile Deformation.
Week 9:
October 14 2022
South Mountains field trip briefing
Cleavage, Foliation, Lineation
Elastic - Ductile Deformation
Week 10:
October 21 2022
1992 Landers Earthquake overview
Homework Review
Field trips review and prep
South Mountains DEM base maps
Week 11:
October 28 2022
Carefree fault field trip briefing
AZGS Geologic Map of the Wildcat Hill Quadrangle, Maricopa County, Arizona
Structure from Motion short course
Faults and Stress
State of stress along the San Andreas Fault
Week 12:
November 4 2022
Carefree fault field trip debriefing
AZGS Geologic Map of the Wildcat Hill Quadrangle, Maricopa County, Arizona
Process Swath Profile Matlab script
Carefree Fault data:
Wells and Coppersmith, 1994
Background on earthquake magnitude
Moment magnitude calculator

3D dislocations
Coulomb 3 Deformation and Stress-Change Software software
Week 13:
November 18 2022
Faults and Stress II Video narration
Static stress transfer Video narration
Week 14:
December 2 2022
Spherical distributions Video narration
3D Stress Video narration
Summary for 3D stress resolution to traction components
Matlab code for 3D stress: All files zipped; unzip and make sure they are all in the same directory

Advanced Structural Geology

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