GLG510 Advanced Structural Geology

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Fundamentals of Structural Geology
On-line materials from authors

Ragan Handouts

Chapter 1--Structural Planes
Chapter 7--Vectors
Chapter 11--Deformation

Poly3D links

Rock Fracture Project software
Academic downloads
Getting started with Poly3D GUI--our demo in class
Andy Thomas thesis--original documentation

Structural Geology Software, and other links, etc.

Structural Geology Software from Ze'ev Reches at U. Oklahoma
Soft Structure: Structural Geology on a Personal Computer by Ze'ev Reches and others
Kevin Smart's link for structural geology software
National Associate of Geoscience Teachers' Computational Geology (H. L. Vacher

GLG310 Structural Geology

I taught this class fall (2004)
GLG310 Structural Geology Home Page
GLG310 Structural Geology Links

ASU pages

Arrowsmith's pages
Active Tectonics Group
Steve Reynold's pages
Geophysics group

Matlab resources

The Mathworks (producers of MATLAB)
Online Matlab documentation from the Mathworks--better than the command line help
Step-by-step in MATLAB for the basics by Hilley and Arrowsmith
Introduction to Matlab from Pollard and Fletcher
GLG410 Introduction to MATLAB
GLG410 Introduction to MATLAB exercises
3D graphics in MATLAB from GLG410
Surfaces exercises in MATLAB from GLG410
Programming in MATLAB from GLG410 (I)
Programming in MATLAB from GLG410 (II)

GPS links

Trimble Navigation site on How GPS works
Garmin site on What is GPS?

GLG510 Advanced Structural Geology

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