GLG410 Surfaces Matlab

Following the lecture on contouring, the demonstrations of contouring, gridding and surfaces from the Matlab book, and the Electron density demonstration, complete the following tasks for the beginning of lab, Tuesday, November 23.


  1. Read and work through the examples in Chapter 8 of Middleton sections 8.1 and 8.2.
  2. Given these data of the surveyed topography along the San Andreas fault zone, make:
    a) a contour map of the dataset with a 1 m contour interval. Overlay the observations.
    b) Two surface plots with lighting and useful view directions to show the scenery. Use the subplot command to put both of the plots in the same figure. THe left one should show the data points as well, while the right one will not. Use two different views and or colormaps to illustrate what you think is important. Write a 1-2 sentence description of the site and what you want us to see in your plot.
  3. Following the Electron density demonstration, use this dataset of the Na32.grd: It is the electrons density data for R(NaO)=3.2. The Na atom is not bonded to the bridging O atom. Perform the transformations and calculations demosntrated, and make a similar figure as this one. Write a 1-2 sentence description of what you think the different plots highlight and which are more useful than others.
  4. Make a web page report with figures of the above tasks 2 and 3 (including diary excerpts and your written commentary). Email the url to jwsutter@hotmail.com and ramon.arrowsmith@asu.edu.

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