GLG510 Advanced Structural Geology

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Lecture 1

Course overview

Announcements Syllabus Schedule Weekly lecture notes Links

Introductory Powerpoint

Review of Structural Geology organization of knowledge from tables of contents (these are only representative):

Davis and Reynolds, Structural Geology of Rocks and Regions
Pollard and Fletcher, Fundamentals of Structural Geology
Ragan, Structural Geology, 4th Edition
Marshak and Mitra, Basic Methods of Structural Geology

Jaeger, Cook, Zimmerman, Fundamentals of Rock Mechanics
Burbank and Anderson, Tectonic Geomorphology
Yeats, Sieh, Allen, Geology of Earthquakes
Scholz, The Mechanics of Earthquakes and faulting

Overview points:

What do you want to do?

When can we do some field trips?

Feb 28-March 1
March 21-22
March 28-29
Salton Trough region for one (GE)

What interests me

Practical things, basic geology
Geometry of structures
Faults, fault systems, role of faulting in orogenesis, fault stability (stress analysis)
Earthquake cycle
Tectonic geomorphology: bridge the gap between geodetic and seismologic measures of deformation with geological ones
Boundary element modeling of faulting behavior

But, I am willing to try anything

My background

San Andreas Fault system (GE)
Stanford University School of Earth Sciences
ASU Projects and Teaching

Assignment for Thursday

  1. Send in course poll
  2. Read Chapter 1 of Pollard and Fletcher

GLG510 Advanced Structural Geology

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