GLG510 Advanced Structural Geology

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Instructor: Arrowsmith (480-965-3541 or 480-236-9226;; Office hours by appointment
Days, times, location: TTh, 3 pm to 4:15 pm, PS F566
At least one weekend field trip is likely
3 units; Line #: 26920

I plan to focus on three major aspects of Structural Geology:
Structural mapping techniques and tools
Basic continuum mechanics (stress, strain, and rheology)
Description and analysis of fractures (i.e., landslides, faults, and intrusive bodies)

I will tune the topics based on the interests of the students. The organization and topic choices will be somewhat fluid

We will start with an introduction to some philosophical aspects of structural geology (and science in general), and then introduce structural mapping at various scales in order to demonstrate the best ways to describe the geometry, physical properties, and age relationships of structures. This will be followed with a quantitative introduction to physical quantities, dimensions and scaling; deformation and flow; force, traction, and stress; and rheology. These topics will be applied in the description and analysis of discontinuities in rock masses such as landslides, faults, and intrusive bodies. The analyses will include computer investigations of the stress and displacement fields around and along such discontinuties. Finally, student presentations will use these tools in topics of their choice.

I think this course should be of particular interest to students in tectonics, geophysics, volcanology, planetary geology, earth materials, and environmental geology, but of course all are invited to join us.

Major tasks with approximate grading breakdown of 20% each:
Quizzes--occasional to check reading and understanding
Reading abstracts
Problem sets
Field trip writeup(s)
Final project
The way to succeed in this course is steady progress. There will be lots of opportunities for evaluation and feedback so keep up and if you starting having problems, please talk with me about it.

GLG510 Advanced Structural Geology

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