GLG510 Advanced Structural Geology

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South Mountains field trip

Meeting location

Southern Ramadas at the Pima Canyon entrance to the South Mountains Park.
City of Phoenix South Mountains web site
South Mountain Trail guide
Driving directions from ASU:
south on Rural to west on Guadalupe Road. Continue over the I-10. Take a left at the first light. Take your first right onto S 48th street and then immediate left into the Park on E. Pima Canyon rd. Go up to the end of the road and park and meet on the southern side Ramada at 1:45 pm Tuesday, March 19, 2009.
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Information and what to bring

We will work from 1:45 pm to 5 pm along the hills to the southwest of the parking lot measuring lots of faults and fracture orientations in order to constrain the conditions under which the structures were active and infer the material properties of the South Mountains detachment fault.
Please bring:

Base maps

Mapping area, one page
Mapping area, eastern half and Mapping area, western half

Notes table

Table for fracture observation recording (MS Word doc)
Table for fracture observation recording (pdf)

Supplemental data

JointsFaults (strike and dip; trend and plunge of slickenline)
295, 80150, 41; 240, 41
305, 81184, 45; 274, 45
347,79235, 35; 325, 35
295, 80


Using the class notes and the Matlab files (from the lectures page), and your observations of fault and fracture surface attitudes (supplement with above if necessary) please do the following:

GLG510 Advanced Structural Geology

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