GLG510 Advanced Structural Geology

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Strike-Slip Dislocations Assignment

Using the discussion from the lecture: Long and short term deformation along the San Andreas Fault and chapter 7 from this on line resource about the San Andreas Fault: U.S. Geological Survey, Professional Paper 1515 titled The San Andreas Fault System, California, do the following:
  1. Build a matlab set of functions and scripts (or build the equivalent functionality in Excel) that solves the dislocation equations for fault parallel displacement versus distance normal to the fault for a single, semi-infinite screw dislocation and for a pair of screw dislocations which represent a patch of finite strike slip along a vertical strike-slip fault.
  2. The Hector Mine earthquake occurred in 1999 in the Mojave Desert. It was a strike slip earthquake that occured along a northwest-striking fault zone in the eastern California shear zone.
  3. In our lecture on Coordinate systems, displacements, and rotations, we reviewed the GPS-derived velocity field for the western US. This graphic shows a subset for the portion along the relatively simple (structurally) south-central San Andreas Fault (SAF):

Assignment is due on Tuesday, March 17, 2008

GLG510 Advanced Structural Geology

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